My work is often humorous and fun. From subject to original modern color combinations, I try to make people smile. I love when I’m at art fair and I have groups of people engage with my work and it makes them happy, it lifts their spirits and it makes me happy too.

My inspiration comes from all around me, its easy to find great subject matter in Florida. So I paint people, unique tropical still life, no pears or apples here and of course landscape. I also love fabric, sometimes I make my own clothing, so wrapping patterns and developing new designs around a human figure is not difficult for me.

As many artists know, often yellow and blue don’t make a green, so over the years have developed my own color palette and method of painting. I focus on freshness of color and modern color combinations, as well as overall design. I use oil paint, focusing on value and brilliance to achieve harmony, breaking the usual rules of mixing colors.